Payroll Services

Hassle-Free Payroll Services That Support Your Bottom Line

Payroll involves many little intricacies to maintain compliance. Being there’s so much to remember, many people often forget all of the details and unknowingly fall out of compliance.

Forbush and Associates employees receive extensive training in these intricacies to save you money and guarantee accuracy. Then we go a step further by educating you too. This helps you understand how your daily decisions may impact your financial story.

Forbush & Associates Payroll Advantages

Compared to a payroll service or professional employer organization (PEO), we offer more service flexibility at a lower cost.

And because we’re a CPA firm, rest assured we’ll maximize your payroll deductions to reduce your company’s employment taxes.

Payroll Services That Match Your Needs:

  • Timesheets – formats and templates created to match your business needs
  • Payroll checks – weekly, biweekly, or semi-monthly schedules
  • Payroll submission – direct deposit, paper check, or prepaid debit cards
  • Employment tax – deposits scheduled timely through the EFTPS and/or state websites
  • Payroll reports – comprehensive reports that comply with various states reporting requirements
  • Job costed payroll – includes easy-to-understand and use reports
  • After-the-fact payroll
  • Real-Time Accounting payroll
  • Complex payroll for shareholders of S Corporations
  • Workman’s compensation audits – assist you in obtaining and providing reports, and representing your company when necessary
  • Payroll compensation and payroll tax reports – monthly, quarterly or annual reports, user-friendly format, includes W-2, W-3, 940, 941, state unemployment, modified business tax and 1099 forms

We maintain and backup all payroll records within our firm software. Data redundancy and data backups on and offsite protect your critical data 24/7.

 Ken Gearhart
Ken Gearhart
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“Forbush and Associates has been our contract CFO and Controller since 2002. Being a general contractor, Forbush and Associates assisted us in each step of the way from one subdivision and 2 houses being built at one time to 6 subdivisions and more than 30 houses being built at the same time. Additionally, Forbush and Associates worked diligently in diversifying our client base in efforts to reduce the fluctuations of a residential construction market to our revenue streams. Due to Forbush and Associates assistance, we built other revenue sources and streams that provided us more than $10,000 per month in free cash flow while other contractors went out of business. Forbush and Associates has worked with us in seeing new opportunities in farther reaching communities and has begun to assist in rebuilding our Company after a rough three years including international operations. I would recommend Forbush and Associates to anyone whether it be a tax return preparation or full service business consulting and administration.”
Nancy Durano
Nancy Durano
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“Working with Forbush and Associates has given me peace of mind. I trust your advice because you have a reputation of integrity and honesty and working with Forbush’s team has helped me dramatically to improve communication with my lawyer…your team had the knowledge, experience, wisdom and my best interest at heart. There is no way to repay you for what you have done for me, but I think your team is wonderful and wanted you to know.”
Gary Harmon
Gary Harmon
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“Minuteman Press has used Forbush & Associates for the past four years and we are extremely happy with their strategic planning and tax consultation services. During this time, we have received over $30,000 in refunds from Federal & State taxes that we were not able to recover while using our previous tax preparation company.In addition, we have improved our cash flow and bottom line performance by more than $125,000 as a direct result of Forbush’s strategic planning advice. Who would have anticipated that a simple review of past tax returns could lead to these kind of results?I strongly urge any small business owner to have Forbush & Associates review your last 2-3 year’s tax returns. You won’t be sorry!”
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